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Welcome to CORE club.


stay true to your core.

this group coaching experience was created to help visionary women who want to build a profitable business.

It can feel super overwhelming to search through a thousand courses and try to keep up with different experts in different places.

So, I created the CORE club. This is a space where you'll not only get coaching by me, Community + Branding expert... but each month I bring in a high-earning female entrepreneur to teach you her secret sauce.

I read far too many "bro" books on sales that did not resonate. I don't want to build a business using tacky, pushy strategies. I want to do it with authenticity & peace so that I can be creative & passionate throughout the whole journey.

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Is CORE club for me?

This club is for you if:

  • you want to feel more confident in yourself & your business so that you can step into your true purpose.

  • have one place to learn everything you need to know about building a profitable business

  • a VIP experience that gives you access to a network of high-earning female entrepreneurs who will give you their secrets to a successful business

  • learn a variety of content that holds value in every phase of the journey because we want to support you, no matter where you’re at.

What's included in CORE club?

3 Group Calls Every Month

A combination of mindset & strategy to help you grow both personally and professionally. We will cover all different topics as well as invite guest experts to host calls.

Private Group

The CORE club has its own private group on the Salt City app as a space to get advice on launches, connect with other members, and celebrate wins.

Challenges + Accountability

Sometimes we NEED a push. This club includes group call challenges and accountability check-ins to keep you on track for your goals.

Network of High-Earning Female Entrepreneurs

We're bringing guest experts into the CORE club to be a resource to YOU. Learn from them, ask questions, and create connections.

Read what women are saying about us!

Natalie D.

"..gave me so much confidence and insight on pricing strategies!"

Kalli M.

"...Best money I ever spent on my business! You will not regret investing in this! If you want to move to the next level in your life and your business, don’t pass this up!"

Seila C.

"...I learned more than I could even write down and will definitely be investing in myself more often."

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