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Become the girl who confidently posts on social media WITHOUT:


🪦 Creating a Canva content graveyard

😳 Panic deleting posts 

❌ Recording a video 17 times and then giving up

So you know you *should* be posting “consistently” on Instagram and sending emails to market yourself and your offers


(And you don’t need me to remind you. You’re already over here feeling all guilty about it)

But almost every time you go to create a post or record stories,

🤯 🌎 

your mind goes completely blank about what on earth you should say

💅 💄 

you feel like you need to wait until your makeup is flawless or you have your best fit on

🔨 ❌  

you do the work to create it, but you can’t pull yourself to hit the “post” button

🕗 🚫

you hit post, but end up deleting it a few hours later when it has 9 likes

You’ve probably nabbed up all the free download hacks + content ideas hoping the next one will contain the “easy button.” 

You might be thinking that “Faceless Account” trend is sounding real nice right now.


You may have thought about hiring a social media manager to do it all for you,

but changed your mind when you saw the $$$$ price tag.

You don’t need any more “hacks.”

You don’t need to go faceless. 

And you don’t need to hire someone to do this for you. 


You can become a confident marketing girlie and you’re closer to becoming her than you think. 



  • Feeling 0 dread as you spend 1-15 minutes putting together a post, sharing it, and not giving it a second thought 


  • Being like that girl in your feed you adore who is always talking about what she sells, but gives you 0 ick


  • Seeing new people liking and commenting on your posts who you’ve never met, but are binging your content like a Netflix special

That’s exactly why I created


The Confident Creator

a mini course to unleash your voice


so you can become the girl

who markets herself fearlessly, naturally, + effortlessly

All for $37 !! (1).png

Here's what's inside:

  • Step-by-step guide to create your own Elevated Elevator Pitch

  • Quick tricks to turn your Elevated Elevator Pitch into your Instagram Bio

  • Learn how to tap into your inner voice to unleash your marketing voice

  • An easy exercise you can use to pull stories from your life that you can share this week

  • My formula to keep your brain in check when it wants to turn go “mean girl”

After this mini course, you’ll go from:

Rerecording 17 times until it’s absolutely flawless (and it never is so it lives in your drafts for eternity)

​⬇️ to ⬇️


Recording once or twice, then posting with grounded confidence that you are enough exactly as you are right now.

Breaking out in hives when someone asks you: “so what do you do?”


⬇️ to ⬇️


Having a simple elevated formula to follow so you know exactly what to say without missing a beat

Skipping posting because you don’t know what to say


⬇️ to ⬇️


Being crystal clear about what *you* have to say, how your message is different, and why it’s needed in the world

Binging free content idea lists, hoping they’ll spark some inspiration


⬇️ to ⬇️


Knowing how to turn your own life stories into content that your audience binges + raves about

If you want to be the girl who posts confidently, the next step is helping you get out of your own way.

Pink Smudge
“...If you feel like you’re in a rut, or plateauing, I recommend this course. It helps guide you to figure out the core of your brand/business, and how to confidently sell what you are offering. I was able to improve my pitch, create next steps, and figure out what to stop/start doing…”

- Laura

hey, I'm kristen!

I'm a Community & Brand Builder. 


I used to hide from my Instagram stories, terrified that some girl from high school (who I haven’t seen in over ten years) might think I’m straight up cringe.


But now I’ve grown a community of over 900 members

and increased my revenue by 4X.

And the only thing that changed

was that I got CRAZY clear + confident about 

  1. Myself 

  2. My offers


I’ve been where you are right now, 

and I know how to turn you into a girl who confidently + easily markets her business. 


This program is the virtual version of me putting my hands on your shoulders,

looking you in the eyes and saying, 


“Hey. I see you. 


I know what’s happening here, and I can help” 

All for $37 !! (1)_edited.png

You've got questions.

I've got answers.

What’s it like when I join?

You’ll get instant access to the pre-recorded videos and workbook. You can work through it at your own pace or binge it all before bed tonight!


How much time should I plan to spend on this mini course?

You should plan to do go through the videos in about 1 hour and the workbook in about 30 minutes


Do I get any personalized support when I buy this mini course?

Not for this one, but feel free to send me a DM on Instagram if you get stuck or have any questions!


Is there a money back guarantee?

No, ma’am. Due to the digital nature of this product and the immediate access to the content, all sales are final.

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