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Utah Networking Groups for Women

If you're a high-achieving woman, you may be looking for a community to network with, find support, and ultimately jump start your growth.

Salt City Community is one of Utah's Best Networking Groups for female entrepreneurs.

Here's the difference you'll find with Salt City:

We host pay-as-you-go networking events.

Majority of our community members are working moms and/or working a 9-to-5 in addition to building a business. We know it's just not possible for some women to make the commitment to every single event in advance. This is why we've created pay-as-you-go networking events.

If you're thinking, well how do I know I'll make valuable connections if it's the attendance is unpredictable?

We've sold out over 20 Utah networking events for women in business. We love welcoming new faces and providing a new & familiar list of women to connect with every time.

We like to have FUN.

We've ditched the stuffy, boring networking events and have created an atmosphere that makes you feel like you're just partying with your friends.

Our events include: open networking, speed networking, giveaways, swag bags, and more!

If you're looking to join an online community of women or you're a female entrepreneur searching for online networking groups, sign up here!

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